~Renaissance Recovery Retreat~

Renaissance Recovery Retreat is the premiere Utah choice for all types of short-term post operative care.

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To Arrange A Private Tour Call 1-800-860-5649

The Renaissance is for those patients that need and/or choose professional 24 hour care and first-class pampering following their elective and/or scheduled surgery.

Renaissance Recovery Retreats are the Superior choice. At the Renaissance we offer a small (two patients ) retreat that's in a secluded private location. Confidentiality is respected at all times. In addition to this pampered recovery process we offer four (4) choices in 24-hour health care personnel (Click on: "Medical Care Upgrades"). At the Renaissance you'll experience a premium "All Inclusive Recovery Retreat".

The word Renaissance is defined as "Rebirth" and denotes an elegant revival period of the 15th & 16th centuries of Europe - particularly known for its Italian influences. At the Renaissance we use only the finest furnishings and bedding products -- the interior design being provided by a nationally respected award winning ASID interior designer.



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